This website is dedicated to cutting edge energy field technology. This involves a fusion of heart and mind through stargates, pyramids wands and essences.



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We require help with the funding of and development of new stargate designs.  We have many prototypes to build in larger sizes so we can test them with people who are sensitive to energies.  This is a  process of evolvement and at this time in our Earth’s history every help we can give her and ourselves will be a blessing for the greater good of Humankind.  This is of a twofold benefit for Humankind and the Earth, for as we expand our love and consciousness we also help others in the process.  The more light we are able to hold in our hearts the more light will be anchored on the planet and at this time we need all the help for making the shift of the ages.  As one shifts we all shift through a slip stream in consciousness evolution as never before has this been possible to be able to assist ourselves on a mass level in this time frame.




By combining sacred geometry, gem and crystal essences, healing, massage and space clearances Gordon provides a holistic approach to healing and the evolution of consciousness. The pyramids, stargates and wands he designs and makes are created with the love and guidance of the higher beings of light and contain the galactic codes and frequencies. It is our purpose to send these gifts of universal consciousness out for all humanity. The essence of this work is about learning how to master oneself, maintaining a quality of consciousness so that one is at-one with oneself.